Jose + Zerehin

13jun - door Netty Gelijsteen - 1 - Over kunst
Jose: Liefde. Amsterdam 17 april 2016
13 mei 2016 received by Zeherin.

Een gedachte over “Jose + Zerehin”

  1. Zerihen is mostly on the mouve. So this ‘love’ in a form of art is somewere in his lugage. He hopes to get a nice cabinet to put it in. But in asking and talking about the votive talisman Zerihen didn’t understands the value that Jose did put in the paperball.

    Zerihen has a lot on his head as a refugee from Africa.
    Giving value at papers is more a problem for a refugee that comes with his residence in Amsterdam than probably people with a permanent place to stay.

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