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10jul - door Netty Gelijsteen - 3 - Over kunst

Votive Talisman created in Wertheimpark Amsterdam by Margrien: Ik ben niet goed genoeg. Ik ben niet mooi genoeg. Ik voldoe niet. I am not good enough, I am not beatiful enough, I don’t fulfill.
Received and cariered by Kim, New York Brooklyn, 27th of august

cultivated by Netty


New York with Kim; After looking at every shape and from, after reading all the messanges, this text was fitting me the most. The explaination of Margrien that these thoughts ware given to you because to make them real and to leave them at home. So wenn these thoughts will get to you, you are now able to leave them at home.

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  1. I love the explanation of how I made my choice on the blog, thank you.

    I wanted to tell you a little more about why I chose Margrien’s talisman: “I am not good enough. I am not beautiful enough. I do not fulfill.”
    I am an alcoholic in recovery. The talisman spoke to me because it’s statement is one I myself and I think most women in recovery struggle with. For me it is a reminder of exactly what I work on daily which is the opposite: I am good enough. I am beautiful enough. I am fulfilled.
    I would like to hold on to the talisman until I have one year of sobriety and at that time I will pass it along to another woman in recovery as a reminder that she is not the words written on paper or in her head. She is good, strong, beautiful and fulfilled.

    Until that time I will continue to hold the talisman and bring it to AA meetings where it sits in my pocket doing service as a silence reminder of what I am not.

    Thank you for the gift.
    Sending you love and light from Brooklyn!

  2. I would like it added. I think it’s a good thing to put out into the world.

    I agree, life is painful and beautiful at the same time. There is a certain richness to my life now that is only there because of the darkness I’ve experienced. I’m incredibly grateful for that.

    Sending you love,

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